Tank M2

Hello everyone, I will be happy for your feedback.


nice work !!!

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It looks well modeled and the texturing is great. I think the light flare on the headlight is a little bright though. More renders would be good. I would like to see more of it.

You can see the turntable on the artstation

The gears between the chain drives (apart from the grass patches stuck to the track chain), look less grimy and weathered than the rest, whereas I would think it would be just the opposite - filled with dirt, soot and grease.
I like the bronze, yellow shine, assuming it is some kind of yellow light cast on it, though realistically wouldn’t it look more iron colored than bronze?
Comments aside, it’s impressive.

Thank you for your comment, I think you are right about the wheels, but this is already a problem of the engine, because if I make dirt on the texture, the same dirt will spin when driving
As far as the material is concerned, there is a very difficult topic, of course, you can do better, but it turned out, how it happened)

What tank model is this? WWI?

M2 Light tank

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:


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