Tank RAM

This is my 2nd project-Kanadian tank RAM

it´s chassis…

Well detailed, especially the bolts on the side. I would love to see it with the tread… The wheels (or whatever they are called) and the bars holding them seem to be well modeled. Nice job

I’d love to see the tread too.

I noticed that the wheels in the middle look like aircraft landing gear, so I looked on Google Image Search to see if you were doing something wrong. It looks like you aren’t! :smiley: So, these wheels are well modeled for the tank you’re making, and you could potentially use them with a little bit of modification if you wanted to make a learjet or something.

Welcome to Elysiun!



pic 2…with the belts-meanwhile rought



I wanted to see it with the treads, now I get to. Looking even better than before. Great work! What did you make those treads out of?

I must say, the treads are a bit too “tight” make a few extra links, there always is…


Squirrel Ha:this is they…

rush:tight?really?mno…I don´t know…I´ll be work on extra links…


it will a little more aranged…


This looks great, and the detail is awsome.



It’s coming along very nicely.

BUT the tank’s body dosen’t seem to be connected to the body. it’s just floating there.

My new img…upd

Cool render. What color do you plan on using? Camo, or desert tan?

hmm…perhabs desert…

Good Modeling,
desert Tan would be nice.

Good luck texturing it.

Thanks all for your c&c…

Finish update before texturing…?


Good job, it looks more refined, and the different sections seem to fit together well

Niiiiiiiiice! Modeling job… :o Did you loosed the treads like someone before suggested? I kind of agree that they look tight. Too tight and the thing would vibrate like a plucked string. :slight_smile:

Want my vote? Camo! Desert environments won’t (usually) lend themselves to treeshade if you ever want to wrap it in an environment. Of course, camo nets would be ok.

Hey don’t mind me, go with your guts! I’m looking forward to it.


Tight…yes…hmm…I forgot…repair it
I don’t know beside what exactly I apply texture…
Pls sorry for my poor English…