Tank (skid steer)

Here’s a pic. of the tank I’m currently working on, and a Link to my proof of concept vehicle. As u can see, I still have a lot to learn about the GE, but I’m concentrating on modeling, and soon that will be texturing.
Oh; drive the tank with the WSAD keys, and use the Arrow Keys to move the turret, and the right Control key to fire.
(I’ll probably use a py script, eventually, for the vehicle, but I’ve already spent too much time trying to get the MouseLook script to work with the turret - I’ll figure it out eventually:spin:)
(Tired of wrestling with Rapidshare, too - the above link was put together by my brother {MultiDistro.com} it’s a GoDaddy acct.)

Doh! I just saw where I could have uploaded the blend file right here - oh, well…live and learn.

Sorry, Inferno (and thanx): http://multidistro.com/kev/tank.7z


Well, you have no link at all right now, I would like to see it though if you will put up a new link.

LOL. Wouldn’t upload here anyway - It’s like, 10 kilobytes over the upper limit for a blend. file.:no:

I guess I should start posting my stuff on the Demo thread.