Tank Track Array Issues

Hey Belnder community,

I’m working on this little tank mech and am having some trouble getting my mesh to follow a curve. I have a tread mesh with an array and a curve modifier but the curve modifier is messing with the mesh’s scale.

I made sure both the curve and the mesh’s scale is set to 1. The origins of both the curve and the mesh are also centered to that object. I’m not sure what else would be affecting the scale like this.

Any help would be appreciated. : )

select your curve, go in Edit, select the vertices and in the N panel make sure that their Radius is 1. If it doesn’t work please share your file? https://pasteall.org/blend/


That did it!! The radius and the rotation of the curve vertices were off. Once I corrected that, things started to fall in place. Here is a look at how the track fits now.

It’s a little rough, but at least it’s working now : )

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yes when you scale a curve in Object mode and then apply the scale, you need to bring back the Radius to one

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Cool. Thank you @moonboots