Tank Track Distance

I am try to rig tank tracks by mostly using this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMRIP9G_Tx8

Instead of using chain parts on curve, I use planes as parents, because otherwise the modifier (curve deform) deformes the mesh.

It worked well until animation starts. Suddenly thereis a gap between chain and wheels. What is wrong here? How to solve that?

sometimes if the transforms of the objects (mostly it’s scale) are not applied, they react strange to modifiers, constraints etc

and do you have the pivot points of the chain link and the parent plane have the same location?
Also the different scale parameter of those two may cause problems

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I’ve found the error. The chain mesh is moved to the outside of the curve. The inner knobs (chain tracker) are responsible. I removed them and all works as expected.

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