Tank Tracks and barrel

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I’m making a model of a tank and have everything done exept the tracks and barrel. How would i make the tracks so eventually in the GE i can make them move when you go or in an animation have them move when you go. Also, should i make the barrel a seperate object for shooting purposes? I think the best way to go is have the shell be an actual object because it must be affected by the gravity, not go in a straight line. What do you think?

Here’s a good tutorial on how to create tank tracks:


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From DanielSefton

Pretty complicated :o Anyone know anything about a python API he talked about at the end?

I don’t know what barrel really means…

if it is the canon… you simply include it inside your tank’s top’s mesh (join both the barrel and the top meshes, or enter the top’s mesh and start modeling the barrel)…; then try using the polytope bounds detection if you find the collision detection is bad…

If the collission detection really goes wrong, create your barrel outside of your tank’s top, and link it (parent) to the top, you could try either to move it very close but not so close to the tank’s top so that there’s no collission between both objects. Otherwise, make a ghost part between your tank’s top and your barrel… and your barrel will have that ghost for parent and the ghost will have the tank’s top for parent.

as far as the tank tracks are concerned, we had a project in my school in which we wanted to do tank tracks as well. I had seen the tutorial like you but it was too complicated… and I couldn’t even achieve what was described.

Through Python, it is however possible to slide UV coords.

Here’s a file that we had done :

keys are up and down