Tank Tracks

Ok, I have pulled out enough of my hair. Either I am missing something or not searching for the answer the right way. I am making a WW2 tank game. Problem is no matter what I try to do I can not figure out a way to make the tracks rotate around the wheels or even look like they are. I know I gotta be missing something. I have learned curves and arrays are probably not the way to go as curves and the game engine do not get along well. My animations are working until I go to the game engine and then the whole track slides as one unit. Any ideas??

I had a thought of using a chain of bones, then animating them around the wheels.

Depends on the detail level you want to get.
With medium detail: UV-Scroll script.
High-Detail: IPOs

As far as detail, I was going to use base cubes with track textures on them. By UV-script, is that something animated textures? Will look at that one. IPOs is F-curves in 2.5 yes? Maybe I need to concentrate on getting away from curves and try the ipo or the script.
I have thought of using a chain of bones as well.
Thanks for the replies, gives me more to think about now.

I just played around with the UV-Scroll script and have decided to go with that for now. I had looked at animated textures before but could not figure a way to play with the speed. This script has a speed property which makes that easy. Now I can link the tracks with the wheels and tank movement. I will post a blend and/or video after I play around some more. Guess I need to start learning python to make life easier. Again thanks for the replies.

Oh, I thought you might mean tank tracks left behind on the ground as the tank moves.

Like this:


tank_test.blend (195 KB)

i would recommend to use an animated texture. the tank track is made out of one mesh, the texture offset is animated with an IPO. thats how they did in call of duty 4.