Tank Trouble

Hey everyone of the BGE community,

Some of you may know that I am working on a tank game (due to my obsessive posting about the topic), and I have ran into some trouble.

I have made my first tank model, a Panzer III, which has animations for each tread (forward, and back). What I ended up doing was just animating the left tread, and copying the armature and wheels, mirroring them, and moving them to the right side of the tank.

I am not sure if that was the right thing to do. I am getting errors everytime I press the ‘P’ button, where the right treads drop lower than they should, and the textures dissappear (or flip on the opposite side of the wheel, Im not sure.)

Here are some screenies:

In regular window:


and In game:

I was wondering if someone that has some experience with the BGE could take a look at my file, and sort of fiddle with it to make it more efficient for BGE useage. (Since Im new to this I know that I am not setting up this tank right.) :spin:



PanzerIIIpack.blend (508 KB)

you didn’t pack the textures

Well I thought I packed it… Here is an update.


PanzerIIIpacked.blend (645 KB)

Excuse me if i’m wrong but…surely you don’t need armatures in there for the wheels and are only using up the CPU power that armatures take up.

I would get rid of them if you want the wheels to move then use an IPO…or a logic brick motion actuator.

Because…thats an awfull lot of armature usage to make the treads move.