Tank turret


I have been playing around with Blender. Here is a tank turret i have been working on.


It’s the: T+Gtank.blend1 file.

As you can see, i am playing around with the basics. I wanted to rifle the barrel, which has been done nicely. But how do you I make the outside of the barrel smooth?

Any other tips?

Select the outer faces using ALT+RMB over an edge(faceloop/edgeloop selection) and press ‘Set Smooth’ in edit buttons. :slight_smile: Alternative you can select the faces one by one using Shift+RMB.

Looks like you uploaded the .blend1 instead of the .blend…

I have already tried the ‘smooth’, but that didn’t work. I will upload the blend file.

blend1 semmes to be the backup of the blend and is able to be opened by blender regularely