Tank Wheel

I know that many 3D creator has ever past the tank wheel job. That’s complex more than normal wheel 'cause it’s has a long trace run around the wheel. And generally I see this work in animation that use constraint to control trace object to run along path that created. But let’s try to create in game. Image below is my example that I try (I run in realtime , not render)

.blend here -> http://www.mediafire/?0dk7kiaokkedbg6


That’s neat. As you said. I’ve seen this in renders before also.
I think we could get it done in the Game Engine. Hell, it might already be done, and we haven’t found it yet.
I assure you. If it has been done. This is where it will surface.

Thank you for your comment

That is well done. That’s in-game, huh? Great job!

wow. thats terrific! nice job!

thank you :slight_smile:

From the first post , I create the tank treads but it cann’t control. So in this video I modify it. When I press up arrow , it can run forward or press down arrow , it can run backward and when I release all key , it stop anything. And I move all treads part into layer 2. Then, load to current layer by using empty object call the “add object” actuator. By each treads will calculate its position on path by itself. (its name is “tread_part.000” , “tread_part.001” , “tread_part.002”, … , “tread_part.033”) I want space for each tread part about 15 vertices, then I calculate by reading two past position number from its name. I’ll get 00,01,02,…,33 and multiply it with 15. Finally I’ll get 0,15,30,45,60,…

.blend here : http://www.mediafire.com/?9sg8xu0vjwg9sd8

Wow. Just tested the .blend file, and it worked perfectly. Good job man.

Thank you :slight_smile:
Now, I try to make it clever. On the rough floor or had something on the floor, the treads can blend on that surface like a real tank treads. But the problem is when I blend or animate the path , its real coordinate vertices of path had no change. Like a BGE read its vertices before running the game. That’s a big problem but I’ll try. :slight_smile:

Usually people just use a scrolling texture, and you can do a side texture too if you want to be fancy. Much more efficient and convenient. However, I’m impressed with the quality of your results in-game!

I agree with you. It’s look nice but for many tank in real tank game , this technique can kill my fps. :slight_smile:

That is pretty amazing! Totally overkill but totally amazing! If you could make the suspension adjust itself to terrain I would be even more impressed!