making something tell es what u think


c and c plzzz

Too blocky, add more detail. Textures need a lotta work.

what he said!

yo grim reaper, i recently madea tank and i can tell you a few tips and tricks on creating things if you wish.

there are a number of them, and it might take a while to say them, so if you want me to go through a bit of a tutorial then i would be glad to do it via PM or somthing.

just drop me a line.


It’s a start! I started the same way then I found this page which I think might help you! just so you know, there’s no Tiger pics yet, but you could use the ref for the tracks, wheels, etc!

You might consider posing a .jpg file. PNGs are great, but not preferable for web postings.

yea alltaken sure send es a pm thanks for coments.