here is a tank I’m working on, i haven’t really looked at any pictures of tanks recently, so it isn’t very accurate, but it still carries the essance of what a tank is. I"m still gonna add more detail especially on the treads. I’m going for a cartoony look, and yes i realize the grill looks like a funked up face.


I like it. Like a warped Disney character; where it lacks in technical stuff it makes up in character. The tracks are questionable, I personally would use a defferent method for modeling them, but overall it is looking veryu good.


i do like it, some ruff edges to work out with smoothing or beveling, but overal i like the grill cartoon idea and look, ill be watching you :Z

I generally like the design of the tank. It reminds of a sort of cartoony tank that you would see on them kids shows (sometimes with eyes and its grills would be its mouth).

Anyway I will give you some tips to improve it:
-First you will need to make it a bit smoother, not as boxish (if you know what I mean).
-Also like it has been mentioned before, the tank tracks would possibley look a bit better if done a little differently

Also could you please give us some pictures of it on some different angles, like from the top or something.

Overall: I like it. A bit more work on it and it will look good.


kool tank! i like the style, but it’s to low poly or?

changed the eye things a bit and added a hatch. I’m probably gonna change them back to how they were before though


It begs to be subsurfaced.

unfortunetly I can’t subsurface it becuase i am using it in an animation for a school project, and our school’s computers just wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Perhaps you should continue it after you have finished using it in your school project. I reckon it could become a pretty good looking model. Anyway good luck with it.


I like it, but I do have two words of crit:

Set Smooth

Nice work!

XrQLz :wink: