Before you ask: Yes, it’s the M1 Abrams… well not exactly. This is my first tank and I’m just focusing on getting it to look like a tank rather than get it exactly perfect to the blueprints… so please don’t critique on the differences between my model and the Abrams.

It’s pretty much just a modeling exercise, but I may get to texturing sometime as I suck at that and need some practice…

It’s still a wip as I want to add more details and have barely touched on the… uh… bonnet?

Oh and btw, I realise that I forgot a wheel at the very front… I’ve added it, but dont have time to update :stuck_out_tongue: you’ll see it next time :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks really good.:yes:

I am trying to model the same tank but i am having problems :spin: with modeling the traks.
How did you do it. Can your share your metod.

I would use an array following a curve.

One more question:
How did you do the panel lines on the sides?

I have a feeling the famous Greg Zaal doesn’t need tips on keyboard shortcuts and edge loops :wink:

Looking really great so far Greg, but I believe some work on the barrel. It looks too perfect in a lot of ways, almost like a jetsons floaty ring (Oh don’t kid yourself, you know what it is). Needs more definition around the end aswell. Barrels for almost everything have atelast 3 layers (Inner, packing, Outer) which is always a good thing to know for the future.

Whoops, forgot about this thread :slight_smile:

@BlenderHound - 3dementia is right. Then you just have to tweak the local scaling of the object and position in edit mode to make it all fit together properly

I guess you’re right about the UV mapping, it would help to have even a grid test on to make sure that you’re doing it right. But doing two things at the same time can slow you down.
It took me two days (not really sure how many hours, but in my spare time) to get that far
And yes, those fenders a subsurfed. I don’t like it either now…
Those panels are all separate pieces, just planes with a slight solidify and a bevel - fit together snugly by hand

@Wefyb - Oooh I’m famous am I? :smiley:
You’re right. I need to look at some real references instead of lame blueprints that don’t match up with itself in some places

I haven’t actually done any work on this model since I posted this back in January - school is the most hectic it’s ever been and I don’t expect it to get better (mid-year exams next week, then 3 weeks break, then 3 weeks of school, then prelim exams, then 3 weeks of school, one week break and then my final exams I’ll ever write in my whole life ever :slight_smile: since I’m going to study animation next year)

Done some more…
And a tutorial on tank tracks: http://blendernerd.com/tank-tracks/

HD here
PS: please excuse the noise - cycles can be a little slow at times and i’ve got some texture tests i’d still like to do with it today.

Wow looks relay nice,good job modeling:) Can I ask you how you managed to get this nice “floor”?Because I see no edges…It somehow just seems to be fading away.

thanks :slight_smile: it’s a circle with the edges extruded up and out and then a subsurf added

Hey thanks will try that at my next render:)

done some more detailing… i think it’s time to start modeling the rest of the scene (the ‘unfinished’ parts of the tank won’t be seen from the camera angle I plan to use)

Just a question, how many polys so far?

255023 faces

You should finish off the model just incase you want to use it at a later time for. Very nice modelling.

you’re probably right… just need a change for now

fair enough.

done some basic modeling and layout for the rest of the scene:

having trouble with more than one light in cycles so i guess that setup in the above image will have to do until either i figure it out or the bug gets fixed

not an avid tank fan, but what i see looks good!

describe the problem with cycles, are you using two separate emission materials?