Tankionline/world of tanks

Would any one want to make a game like tankionline/world of tanks.
Here is the tankionline website:http://tankionline.com/en/
World of tanks website:http://worldoftanks.com/
i made one tank of many
Here is a image

Tell me what you think.:).Robot game.blend (882 KB) Strange name i know. Ignore racing game

If i don’t get any people who want to help i will put it into a single player project, and more like Planetside 2
The website:http://www.planetside2.com/


Racing game.blend (867 KB)

Man, use Unity 3D. Watch some tuts, familiarize yourself with it. Then, go crazy. That’s how TankiOnline was created in the first place :smiley:

hope this helped you, Unity 3D is a VERY good platform, and most of all it’s free.


And oh, downloading the tanks would be better, from the net. Texturing could be a piece of cake.

Sorry for double posting


Thanks but i run linux as my OS, so no i can not run it.:frowning:

Oh and Tankionline was made with AlternativaPlatform
Website: http://alternativaplatform.com/en/

Here is a new screen:

The tank is been put into this game now

The game is going good I would say here is a screen