Hello Everyone!
I know at some point this forum was able to be seen through Tapatalk. Now it is no more possible.

Do you think some of the forum administrators could add this feature again?
I don’t know the technical aspects involved, and as a matter of fact, it’s just an indulgence :slight_smile: - to be even more confortable browsing through the posts, in the bed, with the smartphone :smiley:

Hello, I agree that Tapatalk would be great! Thanks!

Great! That makes two of us :stuck_out_tongue:
Now I found something very strange about Tapatalk:
If, in Tapatalk, I sign out of blenderartists, I can see everything, every thread, every picture, what’s new, etc etc.
But when I’m signed in, though I can browse all the sections, I can see nothing in any thread!

I’m signed in other forums and I can see everything without a problem…

Is it an issue on tapatalk app, or about blenderartists website?