Taper Curves


I have created à “Curve” and a “CurveCircle”, and when I write the name “CurveCircle” in the “TaperOb” box of the “Curve and Surface” panel of the object Curve, nothing happen. What have I forgotten?
Thank you for your help.

hmm. never tried a circle as a taper object - i think you have to use a line as taper object because it isn’t closed (needs free ends).

Yes you need an open curve as a taper object. Something with a start and an end but not closed. It also should be on one plane too.


I tried another way and the result is not what I expected. I put the name of the Curve which is supposed to be the profile of the object in the taper box of the CurveCircle object. Then when I extrude the CurveCircle I don’t obtain the wished profile.
I used the Spin tool of meshes and I could obtain what I wanted :something like a rectiligne tentacle that I’ll deform after with a deform curve. I tought that taper should be a more efficient and fast toll to so, but I’m afraid I didn’t understand how it works.

not sure if this’ll help, but it was already made up and it seems to apply here.
notice that the path (arrow.pa) is selected, so the buttons are showing its properties.

Well, you might want to check out http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/Tutorials/Curves/Curve_Taper

There are some important points to consider so make sure you read through it carefully. If you still have problems you can probably make more precise statements about your problems later on.
So, at the moment I can only give you the advice to very extremely exact when you work with curves…minimal inconsistencies can lead to extreme errors (and that happens a lot to me, too :slight_smile: ).

Ok! It works! Thanks for your help.