Taper Curves

Got a quick question, hopefully easy to answer,

When using Bezier curves is it possible to have the taper curve alter the mesh on only one axis? I know that the taper curve changes the overall volume of the corresponding curve, but if for instance I have a curve running along the x-axis, the taper will increase or decrease the scale on both the y and z axis. Is it possible to limit it to one?


Here is two things that might get what you want.

  1. on the right a curve was used as the taper object. It’s vertices were snapped to the grid to
    make it straight. But as you can see, it expands the top part which you may not want.

  2. create a curve, duplicate it, move it up z axis (or other), Control J to join, then Alt C convert to mesh.
    Then, extruded each vertice up and snap to the other one, then when all are snapped, W remove doubles (after selecting all) then select four verts and F to fill.

You can see a partially done one on the left.