Tapering A Difficult Object Complex Curb


I have this curb mesh I have been trying off and on to find a way or an approach to get it to taper at one end. This isn’t the square shaped easy type of curb I’ve since tutorials on, it has corner radii and I am looking for new perspectives.

Here are the deeds:
Curb%20geometry Curb%20geometry2 Curb%20geometry3

I want to make a tapered end as if it was coming to an area where there is foot or vehicle traffic, such as:

I have tried loop cuts, but the corner radii really don’t do well with manual adjustment, at least what I’ve been doing.

Any insight is going to help me a lot,

Thank you!

One way is to scale the curb in the vertical direction (Z) with the pivot point set to the 3D cursor and the 3D cursor set to the bottom of your curb. The attached image shows your curb with a 90 degree corner. The upper part is not scaled, while the curved part is scaled to 10% in the lower drawing.

I don’t think this is ideal, but may be a useful start.

To isolate that corn radii there would need to be loop cuts, no?

Well if you close the mesh and select what you want to bevel, then just select what you want beveled and be careful with bevel amount and numbers/settings

The making of the mesh is done, I am focusing on getting additional assets out of what I have made, such as tapered end caps and walkways built into the curb.

I added loop cuts along the straight sections so the taper to the scaled down section wouldn’t extend all the way to the ends. Other than that, I just selected all the loops (like those shown in your drawing) in the 90 degree curved section and scaled them to 10%.