Well, here it is so far. I want critique on the modeling of the main body. This is my first real attempt at organic modeling, and I’d really like advice on topology and ungulate anatomy in this case, as I’m not very good with either of them.

I’ve posted the .blend as well as some wireframes. Thanks!

Tapir.blend (369 KB)

Good model for a basic, but this does not seem like the right section. This should be in the ‘work in progress’ area. Topology-wise, it already seems good but before posting it here again, please make it into a full-detailed model ;).

Happy blending!

Hang on a sec. I want feedback! I’ve posted stuff in the WIP section before asking for feedback, and most of the time, someone tells me to post it in focused critique if I want that. So, if I don’t get any critique here, some moderator had better move it back… And I don’t even think I’ll be doing anything else with this! I was thinking about it before, but it was a modeling exercise that took several hours, and I think that’s all I’ll ever do with it. So if it’s not a work in progress, why put it in the WIP section?

your in the right place this is WIP forum not finished ones

nice beginning here

you could add some feet eyes theeth may be

would make it even more real

nice going

it is now because it was moved from Focused Critique to here :wink:

Okay, but don’t expect any updates, as I don’t plan to do anything else with it (this is my twelfth attempt at replying, but the forum keeps clearing the text box instead of posting my reply)

My only crit is the front legs. They don’t seem to be bending correctly…a bit too far back?

Very clean Topo there, good work.

Thanks, Wefyb! I think that they are a little too far back now that I look at them. In the reference photo, the tapir’s legs were like that, but I can pose him later, so for now I adjusted the legs a bit.

Here’s an update. I might as well do something with it now that it’s been moved here…

Things left to do as far as the modeling stage goes:

1.) Hooves
2.) Teeth

looks nice. are you planning to texture it?

Thanks! I’m not sure at this rate, but possibly. Here’s another update (hooves or toes or whatever you would call them :P).

It looks like it’s leaning forward too much, perhaps you can move the front feet a little bit forwards.
(maybe somewhere under the neck?