tar.gz files

i have a windows xp computer. a couple of blender plugins that i wanted to use are file type tar.gz, and my computer cant seem to open them. do i need a special program to open these files?

use powerarchiver. its free, just open explorer, right click on the file, and select decompress to… and then windows can open the .tar file.

windows can open the tar file?

I’d use IZarc
but it is relatively obscure

[it supports bunches of formats, and is free]

alternatively I’ve downloaded the gnu tar and gunzip tools from the emacs download site, tho they are a bit of a pain to use in windows.
gunzip file.tgz
tar -xf file.tar
[or something]

I used several of them incliding Powerarchiver and EZarc but they al have problems with certain TAR-files (not all though). The one program that works flawlesly tmo is 7zip. It is Open Source and can be found here: http://www.7-zip.org/

personally i use ‘filzip’, another freeware. quite good, zips or unzips just about everything.