Tarântula in Action - 3D Short Film

Hi!! This is a new animation I did for a few weeks. =)

Vídeo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xk_m6KxND_0&list=UU66HqS2OwwaZrKg8aV8MPyA&index=1&feature=plcp

Edit: Making of: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AvYXIpvgTU

Awesome job, love it - in a kind of creepy way. :slight_smile:

Nicely done! The music’s maybe a little over stated but the scenics & animation are quite convincing.

What you created here is great!!! The environment and the spider the camera movements all looks incredibly nice!
Moving 4-4 legs each side, animating like they moves the spider’s body, that’s seems hard!

It seems particularly in the first few seconds that the legs are moving really fast but the body moves imperceptibly. Why is that?

Thanks guys!!

Hey Ricardo.

Really nice. The materials look great. Lighting is lovely and modelling rocks.

If you don’t mind me saying, sometimes the spider doesn’t feel planted. I’ve seen spiders feet slip on smooth surfaces but I think it looks slightly out of place on a rough tree. Also the tree looks nice and rough, but the silhouette of the twig the bug lands on looks a bit too smooth.

But other than that Awesome!

Edit: Hey Ricardo, I just noticed you didn’t specifically ask for feedback. Sorry if my comments came across the wrong way.

Hey Kettlefish.

Thanks for the feedback and comments! :wink:

Great animation, I think that the mood is over dramatic, witch makes a weird feeling about it, other than that, the animation is 99% realistic to me, I only think that when the spider enter the hole the animations is a little weird.

Anyway, great scene, very, very impressive, congratulations!

Very well done… keep up the good work!

Thanks guys!!

I took advantage and made ​​a simple “making of” =]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AvYXIpvgTU

Hello Ricardo :), Could you make a tutorial how you unwrap and texture the scene. Also some details on how you set up this environment and the scene. I watch the quick breakdown movie on you-tube, you’ve made about it, and It’s really nice! I would like to know a bit more, over - how this environment and details could be represented by cycles. Have you made any try to rendered with Cycles to achieve better realistic results? And what is the advantage at the current moment from your point of view - by rendering with BI? (Advantage - not only as render engine but also, why you choose it for this project. Like you BI not Cycles… .? )

I will appreciate your comment! Thank you