Tardis' Final Resting Place



First post ever on this website!
This is a WIP that’s been dormant for around 2 weeks now, since I’m kinda losing motivation to complete this piece. Primarily because I’m unhappy with the textures on the Tardis. The focus of this image is in itself completely invisible, I can’t seem to get a good amount of visibility for the textures I’m using on the Tardis. Is it because of my textures or is it because of the lighting? I initially loved the creation of this project but now it’s just becoming exhausting and it’s no longer fun.

I’m trying to depict Dr. Who’s Tardis being discovered destroyed and abandoned, out in the middle of nowhere, maybe even on a different planet (which might explain why the “grass” isn’t exactly all green, but I kinda like this colour for the grass)

I’ll want to later on add some more detail like fog, some fire damage/residue, some little pieces of wood around the thing still burning.

But I’m unable to even get the Tardis visible. Why are my textures so horribly black? I’m no pro and only a few months of experience with Blender, so I’m unable to solve this, if I crank up the lighting it looks very unnatural.

Any and all feedback/advice/critiques/tips are encouraged and welcomed. Be brutally harsh too, I don’t mind. It’ll help me look at my work more critically to achieve better results. :slight_smile: Let me know what’s missing, what I can improve, why my grass looks so unnatural? …I’m very new to this so I’m sure I’ve missed a lot.

I appreciate all the help


Okay I’m done, calling quits, abandoning it. I’ve a couple more ideas on how to improve this but my lack of skill gets me frustrated. I’ll probably come back to this later, maybe, maybe not, I dunno. But for now I have to force myself to let go of this project so I can start something fresh. It’s at a decent level, you might call it complete, but I’m calling it abandoned.

Critiques and suggestions are welcome, if anyone’s even reading this or got any input. :stuck_out_tongue:


I nlike the textures on the Tardis i am currently trying to get the console doen in blender i have only just started using blender 2 weeks ago and i know what you mean by being fustrated by the lack of skill but that comes with persiverence however sometimes stepping away from it for a while and coming back to it is also a good option then you can come to it with fresh un-fustrated eyes :slight_smile: good luck buddy :slight_smile: is this the Tardis thwy discovered on tranzalore in the name of the Doctor? I’m working on some title sequence graphics for the new series as well as the console :slight_smile: