Tardis in mars - And the history of a Pyramid

Well, tell me i cant be a writer ? that tittle sound pretty good.

My friend, first thing first:

As a new Blender enthusiastic my first works (if can be called like that) totally sucks, that maybe could be because of my ignorance in the CG world (Hey, what can i do ?, five months ago i didnt even know what a alpha channel is), so my dear friends im asking for your help and do what the best thing a person could do for the other in the CG world: Criticize.

So, if you are still with me after all that wordiness of mine here i present you mi image:

Short History: Curiosity land on mars!, Doctor who new episodes!, Have to try how to make a desert lands scape, couldnt resist to model the Tardis, try to make something awesome, fail miserably.

Anyway, if you can be gentle enough and criticize my image as hard as you can i will be honored, please, go ahead, Have.No.Mercy.

Also, i uploaded the file to Blend Swap, (why ?) well, it could be useful for someone, even me if this computer die in the same way as the last one (believe me, that was horrible), Link: http://www.blendswap.com/blends/landscapes/tardis-in-mars-and-a-pyramid/

By the way, i totally sucks in english too, so sorry for the grammar :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, just one comment:
The windows on the tardis aren’t quite right. Then need to be darker at the edges (blue) with white glow in the center.

You are right, i totally forget the window gradient, without that the windows looks too flat, thank you very much for the observation :slight_smile: