Tardis in space

For a while now I have wanted to model the Tardis and I found a very good drawing of it at Robs 3d Doctor Who Images (http://www.interocitor-media.com/tardis/index.php).

Couple of questions:

  1. How can I get the Police Box sign into the render.
  2. Why does the blue light on top pass through parts of the roof without leaving a shadow?

C&C much appreciated.


I don’t think the blue light has ‘raytracing’ turned on and the police box sign can be a texture

Can raytracing be turned on for a single object?


Eh? Why, what’s up. What’re you trying to achieve, here?

Simply enable raytracing in the render buttons, and then enable ray shadows in the lighting tab whith the lamp selected.
Edit: By the way, nice model! Reminds me of my own, though mine is very sloppy (stupid booleans)

Hey guys, thanks for taking a look.

BlackBoe - I’m trying to make it look like the top light is on. I got it to glow using EMIT but I was trying to get it to throw a little light. Ultimately I want to do a little animation with the box turning around and round. But it should also look a little more “lived in”. After all Dr. Who is/was the longest running science fiction show on television. Oh yeah, I did try to do the sign by bringing it in as a texture but I must have screwed it up somehow and it didn’t work. Tried it again and I guess it was right because , there it is.

Tynach - I thought that the raytrace stuff was just for those fancy render programs. Guess I’m in that weird space where I’m getting to the point where I know lots of stuff about Blender but the thing I’m really finding out is how much I DON’T know.

oops, forgot the updated version!


Nah, you gotta have raytracing. Thats what gives you shadows, reflections, raytraced transparency…almost everything.
Or did I misunderstand you? Anyway, great model, love that show(tho I catch it in the US, so Im a year or so behind).
Drew :cool:

nice job. i modeled a TARDIS here on blenderartists a couple of months ago. don’t forget the TARDIS is made of old, worn wood. i scoured wood suppliers websites and photographs of old barns to put together a texture for the bump channel.

also, the BBC website has lots of close up photos of the new TARDIS. pay attention to the areas around the door where people are likely to put their hands. they are lighter and a slightly different colour (shows more of the underlying wood colour) as the paint has worn away.

Thanks for all your comments, folks. Much appreciated!

free_ality - I didn’t realize that raytracing could be used on an ordinary render, thought it was suppossed to be used with one of those fancy render programs. All in all I’m pretty happy with the way it worked with the light on top worked out.

Troutmask - Thanks for the texture suggestions. I’m trying to figure out how to get a light wood texture WITH some scratches and scrapes from long use into the mix. Maybe I’ll try the scratches in Photoshop and combine with the wood texture.

I am also trying to figure out how to put an atmosphere on a planet and have the Tardis hovering in orbit. Any suggestions as to a good tutorial on the subject?

Thanks again everyone.