TARDIS in the sand

Hello community

I have been working on this recently. if you have any comments please don’t refrain from posting.

Cool! :wink: PS: If you don’t mind my asking, how old are you?

Nice to see some Doctor Who work again, reminds me of the anniversary special.
The model itself looks pretty nice, but the surroundings and the overall composition dont make it stand out as much as it could , so I did a crappy paintover to illustrate my points:

Firstoff, I changed the format to be more of a widescreen composition, because I think flowing dune shapes work very nicely in that kind of frame, which also makes it look more epic (everyone wants that, right? ;)) In your image, the Tardis seems to be pretty much lost in the desert, so raising it to a higher position on the dunes underlines its importance. Also, you want the landscape in the front to be darker, getting brighter in value as you near the horizon/your subject to emphasize it even more, which naturally draws the viewers gaze to where you want it to be. The lighting and the colors came out quite unnatural in my example, so this isnt a good solution for a daylight desert scene, but I got a bit carried away. The most important part here is the J.J. Abraham-ish lens flare :smiley:
Lastly, I think the reason the dunes dont look realistic is that theyre totally covered with that ripple pattern. From what I’ve seen, this should be bit less strong and smaller. If you google for some google images, you can see that many have a very pronounced edge where the sand falls down on the side that isnt facing the wind, so making the dunes less blobby would help the realism a lot imo.
Nice work, keep going please!

I’m sorry if this offends you, but I personally think the image is just another terrible TARDIS image like almost all of the TARDIS images that I see.

The big thing that’s letting your image down is the sand. You don’t want a huge wave texture like that, You probably don’t want to use a wave texture period here. I would recomend maybe using a noise texture or a sand image texture.

Your TARDIS doesn’t look very heroic. The reason for the is your composition. If you lower the camera to have it look up at the TARDIS it will make it much more epic.

Make sure you aren’t using an HDR for the sky.

Now just because I don’t like your image, doesn’t mean that you can’t get the concept to work. In my opinion, unless you TARDIS is somewhere that just doesn’t work, you can make it look awesome, just because it’s The TARDIS.

Now go work on your image. Impress me.

TARDIS Maker: I personally think this thing has potential, and looks ok for now. I agree with the points about the sand but I don’t believe its a terrible image.

Chariot Rider: I would agree with TARDIS Maker, but I believe that you should maybe add some textures to the TARDIS itself. It looks very monotone in my opinion. I’m not the Doctor Who fan but I think you should make the scene more interesting… Add some shrubs or something-Just to spruce it up. But keep going!

Even just making the sand texture smaller will improve the overall look. I would also lower the sun so there is a nice shadow. It will give the piece a more powerful feeling for the mood.

I am taking all of your ideas and am currently working to improve it. I figured you might want to see the progress so far so here it is.

You might want to consider having that texture displace the sand mesh itself rather than act as a bump, and then have a small-scale texture act as the bumpmap.

Also, perhaps sinking the Tardis into the sand a little and piling it up a little on the edge might be nice, also considering on whether it’s supposed to be a nice day or a windy day with blowing sand.

@cpfeiffer I didn’t say that the image has no potental. Actually, I think it has quite a bit of potential, mostly because there is a TARDIS in the scene, it just isn’t currently implemented well.
I would definitely say that the image has improved.

You really need to work on the TARDIS model. It looks OK, but it is missing a few things, I usually expect the TARDIS to be facing in the general direction of the camera, meaning that the phone door would be visible, without it, I don’t know which way the TARDIS is facing, and it confuses me. I also think the panels are inset too much. You might want to decide what TARDIS model your looking for, and try to make it look like that one. I highly recomend that you go to http://www.tardisbuilders.com/. They have all the reference you need. If you go to the workshop-plans section, DoctorWho8 has some excellent 2005 (Eccleston, Tennant) TARDIS blueprints.

Now for the rest of the image. I love how your cloud background looks, but I don’t think you would find something like that in the desert. Plus the light is coming from wrong direction, you have it coming from the side near the corner while on the image it’s coming from directly in front of the camera.

I would agree with Ace Dragon on the sand, it looks a bit funky on the edges.

Please don’t flame. By the way, as the others said, we can perfectly see that is only a bump/normal map, and this is the second time that i answer to you :eyebrowlift2:, use the displacement modifier with an heightmap of that sand texture( you can create one using NJob, it’s free ) and give it a bit of randomness with the colors, is too monotone, Change the image in the background, is way too pixelated, the scene is too dark, i can barely see the details of the tardis, increase the value of the hdri or maybe add a sun. Add some cool effects with those lights. And first of all, make the scene interesting, with the tardis as a focal point. Hope to be helpful :slight_smile: