So this was just a fun little project I’ve been working on. I’m quite happy with the way the background and lighting turned out. Anyway, critiques are welcome.

Hey Valine,
I like very much the overall image. The composition is simple but works well, the tilted axis of the TARDIS adds a dynamic element. The shiny material gives a polished, sharp and stylized look, plus the details are cool. But I also really like the background. Although it doesn’t give the idea of realistic nebulas, it for sure works well and is beautiful. I am really interested about how you created it.

I actually like this TARDIS. Especially compared to a ton of the TARDIS’s I’ve seen here. I would love to see that model whizzing down the Time Vortex.

All I can complain about is how blurry some parts TARDIS are.

Nice work. Background is cool but the heavy DoF kind of gives the impression that your Tardis really small.

The public notice on the front door looks blurred. Maybe you could try messing around more with the settings and DOF? Otherwise awesome though

thumbs up