Targeting objects

I am new here :), I have very little programing experience, but I have made lots of very simple games with the blender game engine.

The game I am trying to make is similar to Escape Velocity. It’s a spaceship game with lots of bullets, lasers, missiles and the like. The problem I am running into is being able to make a ‘missile’ track a specific object. Basically, the player selects an object, either with tab or clicking, then that object becomes the player’s target. Then when you hit space, the player shoots a missile which tracks that target. The solution is most likely a simple python script.

Hmmmmmmmm, what I was looking for was something that would instead work like this: The player has a property called ‘Target’, when the player clicks on objects, those become the player’s target, and the property ‘Target’ gets the value of that objects name. When the player wants to shoot a missile, the missile tracks the object whose name is in ‘Target’. It is similar to how targeting works in WoW, if you’ve played that.

These scripts seems to be good for making the missile go after the nearest enemy, which i might use as well :slight_smile: