Tarkata14's F1, 2009

Well, last night I began creating a car, which turned into a F1 car somehow, but anyways.

I had no ‘real’ goal, but I’m liking the way it’s turning out, and it’s just for fun. I’m not planning on making it photorealistic, but if I end up texturing it to a fuller extent, I’ll try to make a scene out of it. Still gotta finish the car though.

The wheels were a little tought to decide, but I ended up going with a tank track-type wheel in the back, and I’m still deciding on the front two.
Also, I’m still working on the shape heavily, as to make it more F1-like.


Well, I’ve decided to keep working on this, despite the lack of any type of C&C.

I worked on the car a bit, added a steering wheel, and made a simple desert scene with a very quick material.

I worked on the engine, making it look less organic, and added some other minor things. I’m not trying to win, just want to enter a contest as to help ease my boredom.

Rendered in Yafaray. If anyone has any suggestions as to get a brushed metal material in Yafaray, I’d be glad to here it… Please comment or criticize.

EDIT: I’m still looking for a good sunny sky HDRI map, if you’ve got any suggestions.


If you whipped this up quick, just playing around whip another one up. F1’s are custom now, why won’t they be custom in the future? are we de-evolving? Everyone that has multiple cars in their scene just has duplicates it seems. You could stand out in that respect.

Great start so far. The materials need some attention to provide added detail. The engine looks like it is all one piece. It would help to break it up.
Also, I am afraid that the shield over the drivers cockpit violates the “open cockpit” design rule.
Good luck!



I know what you’re getting at, and it’s a great point. I’m still working out what I’m going to do, and this scene may not be what I choose. A city scene would be cool as well, but I gotta work on the car first. Also, I’ll follow your advice, and make multiple different cars, (Some minor changes, some major).

I’ll keep working on it, thanks for the replies.

EDIT: I was not aware that the shield violates the open cockpit rule Curtis, I’ll remove that. What about a small windshield, sort of like a motorcycle windshield?

You are thinking outside the box . . . I really like your concept. And your use of the reflective surface is amazing too.

a motorbike shield is valid I believe :slight_smile:

I like it, Though If your still working on this id sugest making the vehicles themselves lesss glossy and shiny. that just seems very out of place in a desert scene. and then the sand it self seems more like one solid pices rather then well…sand. Either way its a great satrt and i like it alot. keep it up!