Tarot: Knights...

Here is the latest installment in my Tarot series, these took quite a while to finish for various reasons, thank you for looking :slight_smile:

The forum only allows 3 attachments so I am using direct links from my website, which might require hitting reload…

Knight Of Wands


Knight Of Cups


Knight Of Discs


Knight Of Swords


Best Regards.

I like “Knight Of Cups”

I think the knight of swords is WAYYYY too shiney. Quite distracting.

But the others look interesting.

thanks for looking…

The knight of swords does look a bit shinny, armor of light and all that ;), really I did that because I intended to add glare like the queen of swords but a bug prevented that at the time.

I have gotten the best reaction from people IRL to the Knight of Cups, I think it is because the water sim looks anthropomorphic.

70 more renders to go :slight_smile:

PS: These are all done in luxrender, versions RC2 - RC5.