Tarot: Queen Of Swords...

Blender + Luxrender, path 50, a lot of glare and a tiny bit of bloom pp.

full resolution version.

The sword in her hand represents intellect, the severed head represents emotion, mainly the fear that arises from ignorance, this fear when dead appears perhaps to have always been just a rubber mask. Her character is complex and knows suffering therefore she can be very insightful but that same insight when turned to anger can be very dangerous to those around her. She is very smart and always self controlled, but not always in control of her environment or her choices.

This is the throne of air.

The hexagram is 28.

Best Regards.

Hello, very interesting idea. Are you going to make other tarot?

WAUW! Very cool idea

P.S. Luxrender seems to be very good…

i’m no tarrot expert and have no frame of refrence to compare your image against. googled the title but didn’t really get any results. is there a standard refrence for teh cards or is it very interpritive?

thanks for looking :slight_smile:

hamzah2096, yes I plan on doing all 78 cards in a standard deck. :slight_smile:

wingblow, luxrender leading up to the 0.6 release has gotten a lot of new features, I am using the 0.6 RC CVS build for these renders.

alabandit, the wikipedia page for the Rider-Waite tarot deck has pictures of all the cards with are fairly standard, over the years many artists have done tarot decks, most are “art decks” not really intended to be used ever. I am mixing the standard style with the style of one of the more popular decks, the Thoth deck painted by Lady Frieda Harris based on the ideas of Aleister Crowley, there are no pictures on the wiki page of the Thoth but it goes into the meaning quite a bit, Crowley mixed in symbols from Asian cultures also.

Part of the fun is digging into the symbolic language, learning to speak in it etc, for me that was one of the great things about classical painting, the layering of meaning.

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good luck man hope to see you skill improve through the deck. sounds like a really interesting project.