Think I`ll try to do a very short animation to learn. Here is my charakter. One of that little funny maki creatures.
Hopefully I get it finish. It is my first attempt with fur charakter. Learned a lot from the venoms lab dvd.


My modified rigify rig… added a tail and maki feet. Maybe somebody knows ho it could be possible to have b-bones and octahedral bones together in one rig and could tell me this would be great. As soon as I change one bone to b-bone every bone in the rig changes. need b-bones for the tail.



some progress with hair… had some problems with the rig but it is fixed. Cool to have a lot discussions and help on blenderartists and videos on youtube. Tars needs some more shapekeys and better weighpainting at the arms but works quite good at the moment:) realy funny to see him/here (maybe tarsi :D) moving now… that rigify addon is realy amazing. The b-bone thing i could still not figure out. And it is realy difficult to setup a good colored convincing hair shader. Did also try to use the laplacian deform modifier for smoother skin behahavior but the modifier could not find a solution… think the topology of the model is good… so dont know why it is not working. However.. If somebody has ideas about that b-bones and reasons why laplacian is not working Iwould be happy to have some input about that.


That looks so cool…nice rig. Keep us posted

He James… thanks. With rigify it is realy not that difficult. The feet are easy done by copying the hands and link them to a footbone. IK is still working. IK chain needed some fixes and the wrists of the feet and foot bones are a bit different than a human feet.
Added some bones for the ears. Maybe he can fly soon :wink:

Added also some shapekeys and I dont whant that the guy looks to cartoonish. Most problems are currently a realy good weightpainting I think.. did see some problems with hair at some places. Im learning. Also have some problems with my Nvidia 660ti. CPU is rendering sometimes faster than my GPU… that makes learnign and testing things with hair, skin and rendertimes a bit difficult… Looks like a long way… left side is rendered with cpu right side with gpu… :smiley: … not realy.


This looks really cool. What kind of setting are you going to put him in?

He modron… secret :wink:
no… just a nice good looking tree and so on. Maybe 15-20 seconds of animation is the idea. Nothing like martial-arts :D. Some nice camera movements. Hope I can sell afterwards when I maybe finished the project. But it seems to be a long way. I bought some dvd`s and joinded gooseberry…the free venom labs videos are cool to learn somethings about hair for example. Helped me a lot to come to this point…But my hardware proplems are curently a problem. Anyways… I it is fun to learn and to figure out problems and to find ideas and solutions for that.