Tarzen and Clayton

hope you like it


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Wow really good toon style. Dragoneex, you’re getting quite good at animation. All done in Blender?

I have no idea what is being said but the animation looks really good. :slight_smile:

It’s a shame you don’t have better recording equipment.

yup all done in blender man… Nd thanks guys …and i dint do recordings for this… Sound clip was provided by 11second club which is an animation competition sponsered by animation mentor

man draguu. You always do classic stuff.

One question – kid Tarzan’s hair - did you set up a rig and animate it by hand, or did you use a simulation of someform?

thanks daren, nd for hair i used bones with cloth enabled mesh …


Darned good.

One inescapable thing, for me, was this: You don’t pump double-barrel shotguns. The foregrip is merely a grip. (Unless it’s a “Remington 1740”, which is homemade and (obviously) rare).