Tasco Binoculars : Yaffed (LAST UPDATE: 20 Mar 2003)

besides inventing yet another verb adding to the english language (“yaffed”) - which i conjugated correctly (surprise, surprise :stuck_out_tongue: ) - i also have a wip that id like to share with you talentless fools :stuck_out_tongue:


WOW! you’re right about us talentless people…great work on the plastic shader. How about some nightvision goggles next?

what was the AA seting? Nice model!

im sure its accurate, but the top bit looks like its just sitting on them two tube things.

very nice texture effect thing.

im having a really descriptive day today…

gfxidiot:its a wip %| ill be working on it.

edit: i took the rubber material i did for the cork in the “Sink with Tap” model.



ps: yes, i will render a version with higher AA settings.

btw: if anybody wants any of the material settings, just post your request here, and i will post a screenshot/portion of code.

I do

i second that.

heres the rubber:


the red glass:


and here’s an updated render (I think I’ll tweak some of the materials though):



sorry man :expressionless:


no problem!! :smiley:

what do you think of the new version? is it any good?

COMMENTS PLEASE!!! :frowning:

Comments? Really? From us

talentless fools


The casing doesn’t look much like rubber, the string is nice, the red lenses are… different…

Thats about it.

dude, i was kidding, note the smilies… :wink:

and about the lenses…thats exactly what they look like - red! dont worry, i have an actual object im modelling from. thanks for critting the rubber shader, ill work on it. i think it needs less glossiness.

I’m kidding too… But it’s hard to hear tones of voice over a 56k modem :stuck_out_tongue:

About the red lenses: Really? Red must make them hard to see out of :wink:

nope, strangely, the “redness” can only be seen when looking from the front…dunno why.

about the kidding thing - i wrote “note the smilies”, which means…if there are smilies, then im probably kidding. %| duh.


Red only through the front? Doesn’t the red narrow the visible spectrum, even through the back? Or maybe they have one-wy-redness :wink:

i cant explain it either… :stuck_out_tongue:

leave it man, it looks pretty much photo real to me eh. i cant pick up on anyting you should change. yeah, that thing with the red lenses is weird, some have blue, and im sure ive seen some green ones down the yacht club. our ones are amber at the front. meh. that string just makes it, it looks very realistic to me.

rock on