Task 2.6.1 : Biomechanical simulation of Crawl swimming

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Front crawl movement data download

We can read academic papers on our voluntary movement formulas and such biomechanical finite element analysis on Academia.edu by searching the name “Yutaca Sawai”(60 papers (including an influential paper by Dr. Kwun Wah Wen, a Pathology specialist in Philadelphia PA)), or “Y. Sawai”(48 papers). Those research and development will become the next generation of renaissance.

Renaissance humanism aimed to revitalize humanity by gaining universal education from classical studies. This spiritual movement could not stop Catholic corruption, but instead brought about Protestant Reformation.

Galileo Galilei, who appeared after Jean Calvin’s generation, developed an astronomical telescope and a microscope by applying the telescope invented in the Netherlands. He also invented a thermometer. It was Santorio Santorio that immediately applied this to medicine and invented humanity’s first medical thermometer. Descartes as well as Spinoza were also active during this era. In the same way, the our formulas of voluntary movement not only measures every spirit voluntary movements that exercises all terrestrial bodies and gives life to inanimate matters, but also may be able to use for the research of the Cardio-Respiratory control in vertebrates, cardiac pump function and beat rhythm, blood flow etc.

The next generation of da Vinci

Varipon institute independently engaged in data driven science to consolidate theories and methods of two intangible cultural heritage and esoteric education that are related to medical technologies in the east and the west such as European mechanical arts called Automata - Horology and Chinese internal martial arts called Kung fu, while addressing alternative medicine and global environment sustainability with a high perspective overlooking the whole world.

As a result, we made a discovery of that there exists a mathematical theorem and formulas that integrates every spirit voluntary movements that exercises all terrestrial bodies and gives life to inanimate matters. This is also the invention of a universal biomechanical link mechanism based on spiritualist dualism that bring infinite applications. It’s the first universal perfect machine element in human history which surpass the conventional functions such as rotating elements like wheels and propellers invented in ancient times or robotics joint torque control.

So, people say that our work is like the next generation of Leonardo da Vinci.

Then we also discovered the fundamental theory which is able to explain well this technological innovation among the philosophy advocated by Abraham-Louis Breguet the Horologist - Mechanician at two hundred years ago.

In order to demonstrate the infinite applications, the holistic work plan are divided in the 10 work packages, and designed the basic applications of voluntary movement, introduced visually : « http://varipon.com/index.php/art-work-plan/ »

We now have reached the one of singular point.

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Huh, I stumbled across this post by accident, and was not ready for this sort of stuff this early in the morning… :grin:

This project sounds very interesting, but for stupid people like me it’d be very useful to have a short TL;DR of this whole thing, with as simple language as possible. From this post alone I couldn’t really get an understanding of what this is about. So you’re saying you have a universal model to simulate any type of biological movement with some basic mechanical elements? Or did I misunderstand the whole thing?

The swimming simulation is very impressive!

Yes. There is a minimal fundamental theorem (http://varipon.com/index.php/theorem/) and a universal biomechanical element which generates metachronal waves (http://varipon.com/index.php/laboratoire/internal-power/), and infinite applications (http://varipon.com/index.php/art-work-plan/) based on them.