Task 2.9.4 : Biomechanical Simulation of Kung Fu (4) : Baat Jaam Do "八斬刀" (work in progress)

Reference models :
Butterfly swords 蝴蝶雙刀
Shigematsu TW08SF + XPL3/MX x2 (A mask + Absorbent cans with anti-poisoning and dust-proof function)


I’ll show the movements of sections 3, 4 and 5.
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The footwork that covers the basic movements is based on the pentagon of plum blossoms. In the Wing Chun classroom, plum blossoms and two butterfly swords are displayed on the wall. This plum blossom means the founder, Ng Mui (“伍枚” literally means five petals), one of the legendary Five Elders—survivors of the destruction of the Shaolin Temple by the Qing Dynasty. She invented many martial arts such as Meihua Quan (“梅花拳” literally means Plum Blossom Fist). She is a mysterious being, and according to one theory, she is aTibetan Buddhist, Jikboloktoto.

Sacrum Formula

Ilium Formula

Spine Formula

Hind Wings Formula

Costa Formula


Integrated Formula

Arms Formula

Fore Wings Formula

Legs Formula

Download modeled movement data
(Please customize and use it freely)

The next task is to create a demo simulation and model the footwork movement.

Section 3 Basic Movement

Integrated Formula

Fore Wings Formula

Arms Formula

Section 4 Basic Movement

Movement modeling data download (feel free custmize it)