Task: Move topbar to 3D viewport editor

Have you seen this?


This will make Workspaces much more configurable/customizable for the taste of each user!

I do not recommend normal users to discuss in that entry above. If you have suggestions, it might be better to comment on some Devtalk forum entry, for example:


It is a devtalk thread and not from a core 2.8 dev. team member (like William), so this idea being turned into commits is not guaranteed.

Though I guess one purpose of devtalk now is to sell ideas to the devs (which is sometimes successful but not always).

It’s a Brecht task/patch (Currently Campbell task)
Sorry Ace, I edited the entry to highlight more diff link on developers site. Before the other link monopolized the attention.

If even the current global topbar can’t handle a large amount of settings, now imagine it inside the small editors.

Good luck scrolling.

i am not a fan of double headers either, u see even in the proposal when u have two editors open like UV/3d view, you have to put one header in the bottom to avoid button soup and scrolling gets doubled of course, i was hoping that actions info bar that happens in object/edit/pose mode will be put somewhere else to avoid the sudden flickering of menus whenever an action happens, i mentioned that to brecht and i hope they solve it .


Current configuration is also not ideal for small editors, you may have to travel long distances for some TopBar options from where you are working, bad for your wrist and shoulder. However, there may also be other solutions to the problem you are pointing, such as keeping current TopBar as an option. Just make the suggestion to developers.

You know when it comes to UI stuff they don’t listen to anyone.
What I don’t understand is why they don’t just follow the sucessful design that we can find in almost all 3D softwares out there. This type of thing is pretty much a problem solved in all 3d apps, and yet in blender they are always struggling for no reason. That’s hilarious.

With a little work moving areas, it is possible to configure TopBar occupying the screen length with current patch:

But I’m not sure how heavy it can be to have an extra 3D Viewport up there, regardless of whether only the topbar header part is visible there.
Anyway, if I understood you well then you are not happy with the current TopBar regardless of whether this is as it is currently in master, or as with the patch being part of 3D viewport editors.

That’s correct.
I never supported the topbar as a place for tools settings, this is a 2D mentality. On 3D apps we have far more settings to deal with, and new settings and tools are always coming. It’s just impossible for it to handle it. That’s why you don’t see it on other 3D apps.


Current topbar shows settings for active tool.
That corresponds to lots of settings for brushes under sculpt/paint modes. That is not convenient for that.
So, there is an active tool tab in Properties editor.

But for other modes, an active tool have really few options.
That should be possible to make something satisfying for dedicated workspace if we can choose what line of header we want to hide.

But current mockups proposed are not working for paint and sculpt modes.

Ah, this task is a complete disaster. Why BF doesn’t hire true UX designers?
The topbar plus the excess use of popovers are a curse. Is it really impossible for them to see that this doesn’t work?
They are making the UI very very crowded. It’s truly a mess.

@Regnas I agree with you 100%


I’m not sure why Editor and Mode selector has been moved to TopBar again, it takes a lot of unnecessary space in my opinion.

My thoughts exactly. No way this is gonna work for painting and sculpting (or anywhere else, where a lot of tools are needed). And moving editor modes, transform orientation, pivot point etc to the top bar, made it even worse. It will be unusable.

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Man I wouldn’t shed any tears seeing this and active tools go

But active tools are not removed.
If Topbar is removed, active tools are going into already crowded header.
That’s taken decision and maybe a good reason to shed some tears.

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To complement this, tool options should probably come back to the T region, aka the toolbar - as an additional, flexible sidebar. Long and scrollable with paint/sculpt tools, shortened and mostly transparent with other tools (the ones that have two or three options).

Imho they should bring T panel back. If they don’t want to merge active tools into it, “T shelf” should push “active tools” bar closer to the center of the screen when you open it, similar how N panel is pushing these gizmos.

There is just no way around it, way too much tools and menus required. They won’t fit horizontally no matter how hard you try. It should looks like this.

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Stop complaining all the time.
They are doing the right thing, trying to make the best compromise and making everyone happy.
The top bar as it was designed at the time, was largely a waste of space and in some circumstances it worked badly because it occupied a global space but actually it was a tool largely part of the 3D view and nothing else.
So it becomes more than natural that it becomes a more local component of the 3D view. thus restoring the original philosophy of blender based on window spaces with each window its tools.

First suggestion for Topbar was to move global redo panel settings to it.
That was working and appreciated by people who tested it.
But it became active tool settings place when need for a place to display gizmo settings became obvious.
In sculpt/paint modes, Topbar idea can be appreciated, if its use is limited to sliders and quick access buttons. Populating it with popovers never made sense.

Maybe Redo panel could go back to Topbar, now, instead of being closed by default.


I think you didn’t even read the thread. No one is complaining about the top bar is being moved to each window. But about modes/pivot points/snapping being merged with this new top bar. It will work for object mode or edit mode, because there is not much tools to use. Now try to sculpt or paint with this new top bar for each window, you simply can’t. Even when this top bar was global EVEN THEN there was not enough space for every tool, now it’s just impossible to fit. And overall horizontal bar is not working for such types of menus. To tweak anything, you would have to open corresponding menu every time you need to change something.
Now look at this vertical bar with open menus and tell me this is worse?