tasty texture's for free

Hi all, I found this program by all things, clicking on a google ad.:eek:
heres a sample of what it does:

The program is called Genetica Viewer 2.5 some of the features include 9 texture catagories with 20 templates in each, customizable with bump and alpha rendering. very good.
Unlimited, somewhat feature reduced? from the pro version. i think it is only render size reduced but 1024x1024 is pretty good anyway.
Oh yeah seamless tiles in all catagories too!

Anyway I contacted the Company about the terms of use and here’s the stunning reply.

You are free to use/modify/publish/distribute the textures included with Genetica and Genetica Viewer, regardless of whether the project is commercial or noncommercial. Original textures you create with our software are equally unrestricted. You are welcome to post images of the textures in use, as well as post the textures themselves.

that was great news!
here’s the link,

Enjoy! M.A.

Don’t forget, they also offer “Wood Workshop” for free. I have the Genetica standard version, and find it to be very much worth the price.

Thanx for the info! :slight_smile: