hey, i just created a little scene star wars :smiley: its lukes home as seen in the first movie. its not finished yet but what do you think of it so far?

weeell, you certainly caught some of the ambiance there… good start.
imo, the sand should look … flatter, in my souvenir (it’s been a long time since I saw that episode), the desert around the uncle’s farm looks pretty much like a billiard table.
Also, it perhaps reflects a tad too much of the sky color. 'should be a little warmer to the eye. I like the antenna, but the texture of the building needs a bit of work.
Do you plan to add people, robots ?
cool work, keep it up !

thx for the feedback!

yes, you are absolutely right about the sand. the reason for that is that when i started this project i just wanted to created a random farm on tatooine, not the one from the movie in particular because i didnt want to copy 1:1. but at the moment im not quite sure which way to go =P

the reflection will definetly be reduced because i wanted to change the whole lighting and atmosphere to a more evening-kinda-thing but had some trouble with it so far.

texture of the buidling, yes, very true, i had some trouble with the entrance…that didnt work out at all as i planned it in my head so i got frustrated and just snapped the texture on it :smiley: i will see what i can do about it

i thought about adding a bantha herd in the background or a jawa sandcrawler…maybe 1 or 2 robots and an additional buidling…or lukes landspeeder or skyhopper if i decide to make this definetly THE particular farm :smiley: still not sure about that