Tattoo Design


my brother asked me to design a tattoo for him, so i decided to use blender and this is what i got :cool:

Very nice, it looks like a sword and a guitar. Bet your brother will be very tickled with it.

Nice shape but a little to tribal for my taste. May I ask why you choose blender? I imagine a image like this is easier to do with inkscape or some other vector program.

hey thanks for the comments guys, yea i agree about it being very tribal like, i think i might need to tone that down. but ill await feedback from my brother and see what he thinks, he didnt actually give me much to go on, he just said he wants a sword :confused: lol

i find it quicker in blender to make this sort of work, just press E and placing vertices is alot easier then messing around with bezier curvers and weighting each corner, i make a rough outline, turn on Subd’s then go back and refine the curves.

this is something else i did last night, took me about 20 minutes (4500 vertices = 4500 presses of the E key = my finger hurts lol)

(orignal concept not by me)

if it’s going to be inked at this size then i dare say those little whispy bits near the pommel of the sword will be too small to do decently, might want to revise those.

DUDE!!! the last one was awesome!!! so stylised!

how do u do that in blender?
do u make the images like 2D plains w/ textures err smm? but i like the tribal look although i am not a big fan of tatoos.