Tattoo for all removed deafult cubes

Thinking of this for 2 years. And now is the time. I go to the tattoo studio and get this beautiful artwork unwrapoed and textured onto my skin. What do you think?


It looks cool but I don’t really see the whole point in tatoos, the same way I feel about people who have hair on their head, if it was up to me I would just get full laser hair removal and scalp removal and just live all by myself.

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You know, what sb like that sb like. Honestly i understand your point of view because i’ve been sceptical to the tattoos fiew years ago too

What does sb stand for?

Sorry, “somebody” english teacher always used that and it just stay in my head xD

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You fit a lot on your arm. With the camera and light and everything.

EDIT: Didn’t realize it was a real tattoo.

That is done tattoo, I slend some time with my tattoist talking about that how some things looks good and what not really and this is a really best way possible to set all thing from startup scene what actually was in my mind, like not only a cube and delete sign but axis, camera and light from that specific startul perspective too

I think it came out well - the artist did a good job. A good tattoo is one that means something to you. You may have to explain it to most folks. :wink:
Sounds like you put a lot of thought into it … so good on you! :+1:

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It looks good, I didn’t realize it was actually done. I don’t really know anything about them, but it came out really clean. I thought that was Photoshop. Amazing that you got everything on there, the whole default scene.

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Thanks you all guys, that really nice to read this, with clean heart i can tell the artist did a really good and professional job. It be not fair not include her in the coment down there instagram

So what will happen when the Blender devs. decide to update the icons to something more modern, or even more standard (Maya’s camera icon looks like an actual movie camera for instance)?

The main thing to note about tattoos is that undoing what you just applied to your skin, is a long and arduous process that requires multiple treatments and a lot of recovery time for the skin (even though the process has gotten shorter and easier over the years). That is also not to mention the metal might react badly if it finds itself near any strong magnetic field (such as one produced by a hospital CRT scan). In short, I hope you are really happy with it, because it will likely stay there for a long time.

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Yes, i’m really happy, and if blender dev change icons or startup scene, or hope no, they close blender for some reason, this startup scene and this tattoo is still a big history and have big meaning, inside joke and so on for me

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And this is a story of how Blenderman was born…

Blenderman 1: The beginnings

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I really like that comment you make my day xD

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