Tattoo on Back


(Jaol) #21

Thank you!

(alf0) #22

no way man, can you show me the textures you used and maybe the whole node setup,
thats if you dont mind

(cleanheart) #23

That’s cool. It looks so clean and perfect.

(Jaol) #24


(BladeManEXE) #25

…So am I the only one here to think “This is blatantly pornographic. Why isn’t this taken down instead of put up at the top banner of the site?”

(Geromy) #26

Amazing work, I don’t even understand how you made something like this :grinning:
The tattoos are cool but giving the slight impression that they are of the temporary (sticky) kind.

@BladeManEXE Could be. I may be the only one seeing a depiction of two beautiful human bodies, nothing more :kissing_heart:

(Gumboots) #27

Apparently, yes. IMO, it’s no more pornographic than what you could see at most beaches in any Western democracy. Or at any bodybuilding contest, if you’re into those. Or even at the Olympics.

Personally I think it’s an excellent piece of work, although the poses are a tad cliched. The bloke is all “Me Tarzan” and the woman is all “Oooo, I’m so unsure of myself”. I could see some women getting a bit stroppy about that.

(Jaol) #28

do you think that? and what about all sculptures on ancient greek…

(Jaol) #29

yes, you are right about tattoo, thanks

(Jaol) #30

thank you!

(izzers tennis) #31

So realistic! Amazing. The woman is all librarian with her short hair…wondering where her clothes are, wondering where she got that tat. Great art!

(alf0) #32

cool man this is cool

(redappletech) #33

Great work I like both Art

(equyst) #34

I love left side ( women )

(3dcal) #35

The woman. But would like her with just a small tat…a rose or some flower.
Not pornagraphic, but is erotic. Looks like she works out, but still very feminine.
Reminds me of Ziva David on NCIS in the nightclub scene where she was

Very nice form, skin. Too bad she’s just polygons. Wish I hadn’t seen her
UV’s unwrapped!

The male is exceptional also, but a bit over muscled, imho…Special Ops? Mixed martial arts?
I wouldn’t want to piss him off! =O

Impressive work all around.

(Cotaks) #36

I lmao-ed all over the place reading this. Do you even know what pornographic is? This is not it. Go to the beach/swimming pool you even see more there, this is nothing else then the right pose, it’s just really well done. Nothing wrong with it(just keep your hands above the desk and you will survive). :wink:

(Aotuhm) #37

Wow! Amazing, did you use cycles?

(Jaol) #38

Yes, of course.