Taumeasina Island (Samoa) - Indigo v0.7test1

An architectural vizualisation project for a holiday resort
bungaloo design to be built on Taumeasina Island.

This scene was rendered with indigo 0.7test1 and uses
the new instancing feature to create a wealth of geometry.
Everything in this scene, including the grass is all geometry.
It’s a pure render, no postprocessing done (just some contrast etc…)
There’s 42 milion poly’s in the whole scene.
Rendered for 13 hours.

here’s a link to the 1600x1200 version:


jesus you are GOOD!, i keep scrolling down because i thought the first pic i saw is a reference photo.

13 hours doesn’t sound too bad for something this good, did you model everything by yourself? (especially the vegetations)

It’s a great render but 42 million polys:eek:

I’d like to know exactly why you would need that many polygons?

5 stars!

The leaves looks like they dont have any thickness and the white boubles doesn’t look like gravel nor small enough to walk upon.

42 million polys sounds like a huge overkill. A wire would be appreciated to see where the “black-hole” is that swallow the huge number of polys.

The lightning looks good though I am not familiar enough with indigo to give critique on it.

Here’s a bounding box and wireframe shot of blender:
The reason why there’s so many poly’s is that there’s heaps more than what’s in sight.
I can basically make an animation with this scene if i want,
there’s heaps of bush and tree’s around the scene, which gives realistic reflections in the window and a more natural lightning.
42M poly’s is the result of a lot of instancing, the actual size of the scene (eg all unique objects) is’nt that large. (~650.000 poly’s)

WTF…that is crazy shit dude…5 starz…:eek:

wow… These photoreal things always amaze me. Im not an architect-modeler so I cant crit you there. On lighting and realism, 5 stars from me :slight_smile:


  • The little white wall on the left of the image looks too flat; perhaps some more texture or shadows in that area?

  • The leaves are thin, and although in most places you can’t notice, it’s more obvious on the bushes in the lower-right corner of the image.

  • The area where the house meets the ground lacks detail a little; perhaps add some grilles in the ground, for water drainage, or some other kind of detail.

Great realism; I love the rocky gravel and the grass!

That’s absolutely incredible!!! Awesome work.
5 stars and worthy of the gallery.

Keep them coming.

thats crazy!!!
definitely 5 stars, and definitely gallery material

Amazing work 5 stars all the way. How long did you work on this if you don’t mind me asking

Great work, radiance!

Indigo seems to be coming along very nicely. Great results radiance.


great image, it has a good mood and great tuxturing

only things that look off are the very top part of the roof, and the cement wall around the patio, i think the textures might be too plain, and stick out, maybe some smaller detial texturing? i think then you would have something that looked totally realistic.

also it might be cool to remove some of the landscape on the far left or right and put in some beach and ocean, that would be a cool touch.

but over all this is a really professional looking render!
i give you four super wu’s…i mean stars

Damn, where’s the noise? Did you use some kind of monster machine or is Indigo really speeding up?

Then it would be time to give it a try, eventually :slight_smile:

And the image itself is very, very professional looking. Although I think that the sky is a little too simple and makes the image overly bright, that’s just a minor nuisance. Overall just impressive!

Wow, really impressive, I second the gallery motion.

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Wow. Can you tell me what is your computer’s configuration? How many RAM, CPUs…?

blendermf -> it took me ~4 days to create the scene.
lubrio -> it was rendered on a dual xeon 2.8GHz with 2GB RAM.
it renders quite fast due to instancing and the long way indigo has come.
i don’t know why most people here think indigo is slow,
i think it’s fast, considering the work it does for you.
it’s compareable to maxwell render now.
i’ve rendered a 2400x1800 version last night and it’s 99% noise free,
it makes a beatifull A3 print ! :wink: