Taurus Emblem

This is my personal project, done for practice in Blender and GIMP. You can download free wallpapers for mobile and desktops here.
Digital print is available at Artstation Prints Store and 3D print is available at Shapeways Store under name Taurus Emblem.

Mobile Wallpaper 1080x1350

Desktop Wallpaper 1920x1080

My new wallpapers :slight_smile:

ShapeWays 3D print preview:


This is my next personal project. I’m trying to make an horoscope emblem for Taurus. It will be done in mixture of Orb’s and Simon Bisley’s style. This is a concept art what I’m planning to do.

As You can see it’s a mixture of various things, cyberpunk, WW2, Warcraft/Warhammer…

This concept art is just a rough mockup. Style, materialization and overall proportions would be changed for sure, because it will be stylized.


More steampunk version:

I done some blocking, but I didn’t quite follow concept…

I start with polishing and worked on bones and hand forged metal parts. This is today progress:

I again changing elements and trying to figure it out how to make everything perfect flat from back side, so it can be 3d printed and placed on flat surface.

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Version for 3D printing is ready, so I can try to print it next week.

I also want to make a 2D poster version, so next is to make some nice materials and renderings.

Rendering done with Cycles. Workbench renderer used for Cavity pass. All combined in GIMP.

I’m like a kid for Christmas! Today I got my first 3D print ever and it looks amazing.