Ok here it my first “work” in Blender.

How should i impruv it? Any ideas?


The models look fairly nice, and the textures are a good start, but could use some tweaking. Mostly, tho, the lighting really needs some work. I would recommend studying some reference photographs and applying some of what you learn in your observations (that is, if you’re going for realism in this shot.)

Examples of lighting improvements: Make the torches on the columns be lightsources for the scene. Work on (or add) shadows.

Great start, tho!

very nice, very game engine looking :stuck_out_tongue:

mzungu said, make the flames the light source (add low emiting lights where they are, and turn on shadows ;))

also get a roof on there :stuck_out_tongue:
also turn down fo off the spec on the floor, and if u look at the floor by the tables, the texture goes outta place. try fixing this.

very good start though!


ok i add shoudows, didnt add siling yet, but going to.

And those shadows on wall look kinda akward, i will try to fix them.

Nice also turn the life of the particles down, they are way to long for a flame :wink: also try rendering with OSA on, (main render menu F10 click on the button which says OSA and click on the numbr u wish, obviously the higher the number the better the render is)

Oh, that’s much better with shadows :slight_smile:
And that’s a nice scene, I like it.

I don’t have much critics to help you improve that scene, (appart from what Bensloth already said).
Maybe you could work on the stonewall texture a little more, it shouldn’t be that reflexive. (Go to the material panel (F5) and on the “Shaders” tab put the “Spec” value to 0).

and also maybe add a bump map of the stone to it? to make it appear the stone blocks stick out?

Its looking better, Armen. I like it with shadows… tho they’re perhaps a little crisp. Solving this may be tricky, tho, as an area-light solution may not work for torchlight…

Along with what others have said, i would add that the wood textures, and perhaps even some of the stone ones, need to be scaled down a little bit…

Keep at it, its looking good!