Tavern interior needs life

For the OpenPatrician game project I have a scene of a basic tavern interior:

As you can see the scene is a bit void of life. Therefore I’m looking for someone who can bring the scene to life. There are some issues with the seen, that have to be addressed before it can be called finished but the two biggest tasks are:

  • Provide some environmental artifacts, cegs, candles, laterns, …
  • Add some characters

The scene is set in the 15th century in a port tavern.
When the additional artifacts/characters are supplied through a separate mode, which can be imported, multiple artists can work on this model.
Got more questions? Bring them on?
Got you interessted, let me know.


Hey, Hotzst
Few crits on that scene.
Check diagonal and vertical beams on wall. As a skilled furniture maker (3dmedieval) pointed out, the grain of the wood always runs along the long side of the element. The grain direction of the diagonal beams of the main support beam are correct.
Stairs have the same grain alignment issue I think.
The inside of the fireplace tecture is scaled bigger than the outside.
The outside of the alcove behind the bar has tiles vertically
The innermost (from view) corner has some stretching of the white texture which is visibly repeating on the other walls

I can’t see other issues and the scene will look lovely with different things added. People, stuff, fire etc. Good job! :slight_smile:

You’re right, the texture is one issue with this scene. But overall it is just void of life. I have this picture of a full, dirty loud tavern in the evening…

Here is a quick candle i cooked up. Not so great, maybe some work on the holder. candle.blend (577 KB)

Bump maps would improve textures.
Dirt, mold and irregularities in the model: the walls look too flat.
The texture needs to be tileable and a that it is unwrapped correctly as some brick seems to be stretched and the wall by the fireplace on the right just looks like lines.
Slightly sharper lighting-stronger key light(sun) with maybe a secondy small light (windows on the otherside also allow light in).

Depending on where it is supposed that the tavern is located, and the time, it would be good with some cultural elements. Maybe some animal skins or shields on the wall, some barrels near the bar.

Also many thanks to your inputs. Over the weekend I was working on the texture of the table. It looks greatly improved. What’s missing is the dirt. As I was pressed for time I just did not find the right texture to be used for stains and scratches. I also think there should be some wax stains, but that might then need to be modeled/sculped on the surface.

I think the biggest problems are that your entire scene is extremely diffuse/dull, and nothing in real life is that flat/dull. Is this cycles? Use some nodes, and mix some glossy into some of your shaders with a dirt map as the factor (since they’re not flat and smooth reflective, but bumpy and reflective to a lesser degree).

And, if you have environment lighting turned on, turn it off. It makes your shadows less dark, which lessens the contrast between lights and darks in the image and makes everything look dull and mid-value boring. You need more contrast between lights and darks/shadows to make it more interesting.

Here’s some inspiration: