Tavern Scene For Pre Rendered Game Environment

Hello everyone. So I’ve been interested in trying out a concept used in a lot of older games. Pre rendered environments. So I created a tavern scene that I’m going to use to try it out. This method is used in classics like Quest For Glory V and the earlier Resident Evil games. The picture that I’ve included is all that will be used, but through several different image editing techniques and some bounding boxes for collision, it will be a usable game environment. Feel free to leave opinions and tips. Thank you all.

Since posting this I have made the scene 64bits which helps add that classic feel and in my opinion, makes it look even better.

This reminds me a lot of old school Runescape. There should maybe be a bit more light(Particularly around the bar area, so that the patrons know where to go and the bartender isn’t stumbling in the dark), and the stair rails don’t look like they have consistent lighting. Other than that great work!