tax office

my latest one

thanks for viewing and comments


Nice scene.
Work on the eyes! She looks like on steroids and she’s about to go amok.

fantasticly deatailed coridor - nice clutter - very believable.

yeh - her eyelids are a little too raised - eyelids generally sit on the iris.

not sure about her left arm’s position either.

Left arm and eyes are really distracting, fix that and it will be much better.
Some work is needed on that guy’s clothes, imo…
Nice work otherwise…

Is that money falling from the bag in the right side of the pic? It looks like it is floating in the air.

Nice details and some of the textures are really great.
There is something that bothers me with the light, can’t really put my finger on it…

yes, yes, the eyes. I tried to make her looking astonished and frightened - maybe I have overdone this :slight_smile:

Did you mean the girls left hand, or the left hand of your view?

the man’s clothes - hihi - I forgot to do it - thank you for putting your eyes on it.
ditto the money on the floor.

Improved version will follow soon.

as everyone else has said, the first thing I thought was that they looks surprised or like she just did a ton of cocaine or something. Otherwise, a very nice job. Heck, you’re way better than I am on humans, they eyes just bug me out.

look at the guy in the background. How many people do you know that read a newspaper on the edge of their seat?
it just looks odd. make him a little relaxed. take a look at those. one important thing to notice is for the most part they aren’t sitting up perfectly straight puffing their chests out, they are relaxing. also, for the most part they’re sat back. By the way his legs are on a relatively steep angle down towards the floor, he has to be close to the edge of his seat. have him sit back more if you want him sitting up straighter (not straight… straighter than slouched).

She does look astonished and frightened–but it’s not clear why she looks astonished and frightened. Normally people look bored when they’re vacuuming.

There’s nothing holding up the shelf.

The glass panel texture for the doors could use some improvement. Right now it looks sort of like metal.

Scene looks kind of plasticky to me. Not exactly sure of the cause. You might try colorizing the light a bit…no light is truly white. Fluorescent light is actually kind of greenish, you might want to try tweaking your lamps to make them a bit more greenish/yellow.

She’s surprised at the money, which took me a while to figure out. There whould either be more money or emphasize it somehow.

Awe Some Job!

Well, update took a little time because I had to finish another project.

thank you all for your great tips.

first thing I changed was the color of light - PlantPerson, you were right, it looks much more artificial.
I thought a long time about the girls look - it ist part of the story and I dont want to change it.
the shelf got a holder
the reading person is sitting a little more relaxed. Its like I would sit with one of these giant newpapers.


no more crits?
fine - finished - thanks :eyebrowlift: