I sat a long time on this one - hope you like it

new version

old version

wow! Awsome!

Yes! I like it very much!

Looks great! very nice lighting! Was it rendered in internal?
good job, my wife thought it was real (at first glance), heheh :wink:

@ afecelis: yes, internal engine, two passes, composed in photoshop

Very nice modelling. You could use more postpro. The girls face could be more alive. The characters could loosen up. They look very stiff.

Were the people modeled from scratch?

All models were born as blane, cube or curve. See for states of modelling the girls “basemesh”.

The guy in the background is the same mesh - a little deformed. After applying the clothes I deleted all unvisible parts and rigged the clothes.

bigbad, I tried it, but it became worse.

Try harder. You have a great scenen but it lacks life.

The guy reading a paper is sitting wrong. Almost all men sitting are having their legs crossed. Google link.

Also with the woman. Google link.

It would be fun to see something like this with the woman.

I think that with the woman and vacuum out of it the picture would be better.

Would you mind to show us the two passes render result before composed in photoshop?:eyebrowlift:

haha ID_John - I hope you are not disappointed now, look:

I did it just for the girl - first pass with AO, second pass without and different lighting.

Umm … the basic way the guy is sitting (as opposed to stiffness or whatever) is wrong because of some strange steryotype that might sort of apply to men on really old TV shows or in the fifties or something?

Yeah, people sit like that, sometimes. Other times they don’t. It dosn’t break the reality that this one isn’t.

It would be fun to see something like this with the woman.

That’s great and all but it’s obviously not what the person was going for.

Honestly it looks advert artificial from around the 80s or 70s …

Like the OP’s image :slight_smile:

@bigbad: I tried harder and asked some friends for advice. The result is shown in the first post.

As Star Weaver mentioned: the poses are not accidental. bigbads suggested pose for the girl looks great, but does not fit the story.

thank you for your comments

Thanks alot walross :smiley: