TBH Blenderlab updated demo archive

(pannomatte) #1

Hi I’m teaching a blender class and I have amassed all my teaching examples in on place. I will be adding texture libs soon. Anyone have anything cool they want to post I could include it if you let me know. And BTW does anyone know who did ASSAULT X and did they ever finish it?I posted it without there permision so I’d like to find out. (I don’t think they will mind but if they do I’ll remove it imediately) Enjoy.


(blenderanim) #2

I tried looking at the archive after you posted. I wasn’t able to see it. It did come up today. The course organization looks pretty good. You may want to include links to tutorials. Maybe post the .blend files with text explanations that you use in your class. Those would be good resources.

Best of luck,

(pannomatte) #3

Actually I am going to re script the course description to include tutorial links
this week. It was scripted to NaN tutorials but that went away. I’m into week 4 now and it’s a lot of fun. I have some good students.

(Pooba) #4

The person who made AssaultX was Giiman. I don’t have the link to his site though, or his e-mail.


(pannomatte) #5

Yeah he got in touch with me thanks. His project has evolved check it out at

(LaWMan) #6

Extremely good resource !! :smiley:
May I ask where you are teaching your classes panomatte?

(pannomatte) #7

I’m teaching it at a place called Talente Bilingue de Houston with a small grant from the Southwest Alternate Media Project.
TBH is a non profit multicultural theater and community center in Houston, Texas. (and no I didn’t vote for GWB )