TBM Avenger Bomber - UPDATED (New Image 05/18)

Hey all!

I know I have a few projects going right now… but taking a break from my sub project for a bit… and from my Stargate to put together this model.

The TBM Avenger Bomber… built by Grumman during WWII. Five of these were lost off the coast of Florida… the infamous Flight 19.


Have a look and tell me what you think so far…

I had to pick one of the most difficult canopies of WWII to model :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway… crits and comments GREATLY appreciated :slight_smile:



well no comments so far :frowning:

Ok here is a update…

I corrected the area around the front most part of the pilot’s canopy. reworked the engine cowling and changed the god aweful texture to a more correct Naval blue. Updated the lighting and added a background and went to a more “in your face” camera position.

So now how does it look??? :smiley:


Let me know… and THANK YOU for looking… it’s much appreciated!


Its looking good! Can’t wait to see some wings on her!

Nice job so far

I don’t see anything to crit. Looking real sweet do far :slight_smile:

Ok gang…

slight update today… Added the forward wings and exhaust manifold along with some aft windows and crew door. Here is a updated image, will post a aft view tomorrow…

Let me know what you think so far…

Thanks for looking!


I appreciate it!


Looking good, but it seems to me that the ends of the wings are pretty angular… Some subsurf would help I think. Oh, and I think you should tone down that ray mirror, planes usually aren’t that shiny :wink:

Very nice work. No crits but a questions for my own modelling:

  • what material settings did you use for the canopy glass?
  • How did you do the canopy frame? I converted a mesh to tubes and painfully joined them all together. Just wondering if you had a better method.

Also I’ll be interested to see how you do UV mapping (if you are going to) - I’m still working on it for my lightning and it’s driving me nuts.

Looking forward to more images.



yeah I was just using simple extrude for the wings and got to the ends and just quickly finished the tips… they definitely need more work.
I had not noticed the “mirror” that much :smiley: (yeah right) but will more than likely tune it down when I get closer to finishing… the scheme I have in mind for this bird calls for semi-gloss and non-spec paint… gotta figure out how to pull that off :stuck_out_tongue:


for the canopy frame, I just modelled the glass with the canopy in mind…then went back, copied verts out of the glass object and simply extruded it to make the frame. Probably not the best approach but it is one I find simple and easy for me…

The glass material… hmm… I copied that out of one of my other files… it didn’t come from the car material library or the regular material library… let me look and see where I got it… or I’ll just post the settings here later today for you…

Thank gang!



Just a small update… playing with the DOF node system in Blender CSV… boy I really like that function :slight_smile:

anyway… like I said…just a small update…


Let me know what you think :slight_smile:


That first image you posted is cool.
Looks good so far.
That blue shiny material you got right
now is distracting and it’s not easy to see your
model. Try medium gray or something,
turn down the spec and hard parameters
and if you would plz post some more pics.
The background is good, however IMO it is
unnecessary at this point.
The canopy is nice.
As you know the wings need work.
This site shows you how to do a good wing primitive.
Link - http://www.colacola.se/wip_p47_model.htm